This company designed a car that flew in the air! Watch the viral video of the flying car here


If you dream of seeing a four wheeler car flying on the road, then soon this dream can become a reality. Klein Vision’s AirCar has taken an important step forward in this direction. The AirCar is a dual-mode flying car that took off as Prototype-1 for a 35-minute inter-city test flight over Slovakia. A video, which is now going viral on the internet, shows an attractive car taking off from an airfield in Nitra, then flying into the air and then landing in the country’s capital, Bratislava.
Two aircraft took off from its side for planning and recording purposes. The sight was interesting, with the distinctive car wheels showing up and the shape of the car appearing wider than the regular planes.

The video shows the vehicle, designed by the inventors of Klein Vision, flying unobstructed and trying to change direction. After a few minutes it approaches the landing strip in Bratislava and makes a smooth landing with its rear wheels making first ground contact.
It was then shown that he secured the wings of the car by turning it inward. After that, its tail also turns inwards and it looks like a sports car running on the road.

The company has a Statement The Prototype-1 had a 160HP BMW engine with a fixed propeller and ballistic parachute. It underwent rapid turning and maneuverability tests during 40 hours of test flights. It has flown at 8,200 ft (2,499 m) and has reached a maximum cruising speed of 190 kmph.
Many congratulated the team behind the project on their YouTube videos.
“Congratulations. I feel so proud even though I’m just an ordinary person.” User Luel Zon said.
“People in 1920: In the future, we’ll have flying cars. 2021: We’re done!” Said the person from the SW Edits YouTube channel.

However, some people raised the issue of security in view of the road rage cases on the ground.
“It’s scary. People drive like crazy on the ground.” Mog Piano said.
The next version, the pre-production model, is slated to be powered by a 300HP engine. The Prototype 2 will have a potential cruise speed of 300 kmph and a range of 1,000 km.

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