This electric car with a range of 1,000 km will be 80 percent charged in just 8 minutes!


Chinese manufacturer GAC’s electric mobility brand Aion has introduced its new electric car Aion V. Along with introducing the car, the company also introduced its best battery technology. The car reportedly uses graphene battery technology, which has a capacity of 80 percent charge in just 8 minutes. There is no doubt that this is extremely fast compared to the current charging output for electric vehicles. For example, about the same time it takes to fill the tank of a non-electric car. Surely this technology can revolutionize once it is launched.

According to CNEVPOST, a Chinese website focused on electric mobility news PursuanceAvion, the electric mobility brand of Guangzhou Automobile Corporation (GAC), has reportedly showcased the upcoming Aion V electric car at its technology event and also revealed that the graphene battery technology in the car can replace the battery pack in just 8 minutes. Can be charged 80 percent. If you are thinking that fast charging is its only feature, then you are wrong.

According to the company’s claim, the range of this car is 1000 km. However, it is difficult for graphene battery technology to be commercialized for some time to come. However, its beginning is a sign that in the coming few years, we may see more vehicles running on the road with a range of 1000 kms.

The company has shown two types of technology, which include 3C fast charging and 6C fast charging. The former charger is capable of charging the battery pack from 0-80 percent in 16 minutes and up to 30-80 percent in 10 minutes and the second charger can do the same thing in 8 minutes and 5 minutes respectively.

The report further states that GAC Aion will be the first company to launch this technology on the Aion V model in September this year.

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