Violence in The US: Twitter, Facebook and Instragram block Trump’s accounts, big warning

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

United states president Donald Trump is not all set to accept his defeat in the election. After the official confirmation of the victory of the newly elected President Joe Biden, thousands of Trump supporters turned violent, who had to come into action to stop the National Guards.

Amid bloody clashes in the US, social media giants Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have closed Trump’s accounts on their platforms.

Twitter has blocked Trump‘s account for 12 hours. It has also warned that if Trump violates the rules in the future, his account will be permanently blocked.

Twitter has also asked Trump to delete three tweets that are being described as the main reason for the violence.

Facebook and Instagram block Trump for 24 hours

After Twitter amid uproar in the US, Facebook and YouTube also removed Trump‘s videos in which he was addressing his supporters.

Trump had appealed to his supporters to save the US during the violence and to be rigged in the presidential election. Facebook have placed a block on Trump’s pages and its proprietary Instagram have also been blocked for the next 24 hours.

Facebook has said that this is an emergency and we are taking a number of appropriate steps, including removing Trump’s video from the platform.

Facebook Vice President Goy Rosen said on Wednesday the video has been removed as it will further provoke violence. However, so far YouTube has not announced any action on Trump.

About two hours after the protesters entered the Capitol complex, Trump posted the video. The protestors wanted to disrupt the joint session of Parliament on the results of the Electoral College. The session was to confirm the victory of the newly elected President Joe Biden.

Tell us president Donald Trump‘s supporters of the US capitol on Wednesday, in which a woman died. In the US Capital’s premises, the violent mob sneaked into the premises by defying security arrangements, and the MPs were rescued.

The mayor of Washington D.C. announced curfew in the capital. In his speech, Trump, who has been accused of electoral rigging, has appealed to his supporters to stay peacefully after the violence erupted.

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