Twitter has started account verification process, this is how you will get blue tick


Twitter announced on Thursday that it is rolling out its new verification application process and will also review public applications. Profile verification is not a new thing on Twitter as it has been doing the rounds on the microblogging site for quite some time now. However, the platform discontinued the original model in the year 2017 saying it was considered an endorsement. Twitter puts a blue badge on verified profiles to differentiate them from other profiles. In the coming days, this new verification process will be available to all users.

Those profiles that meet any of the following 6 categories may be eligible for verification – Government, Company, Brand, Organization, News Organization and Journalist, Entertainment, Sports & Gaming, Activist, Organizer and Other Influencers. Also Twitter asks for a full account, meaning it has a profile name, profile photo, and a confirmed email or phone number. For this, that account must be active for the last 6 months and must be compliant with Twitter’s rules. The details of ineligible accounts are given in the verification policy of the platform.

How to get verified on Twitter?

In the next few weeks, users will start seeing a new verification application tab in the account settings tab. The California-based San Francisco-based company said it would gradually be available to everyone. This means that not all profiles will immediately see this option.

When the option starts appearing in your profile, you will have to tell whether you fall under the given 6 eligible categories. After that, you will have to provide your identity details, in which you will have to provide a government-issued identity card, official email address or a link to a website in which the Twitter account is referenced.

Once the application is submitted, a response will be received from Twitter via email. It can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Here you have to keep in mind that a large number of people will be applying for the blue badge at a time which can make the wait longer.
If your application is approved, a blue badge will start appearing in front of your profile. Otherwise, after the decision of Twitter, you can apply again after 30 days.

However, the list of categories given is quite limited. Twitter says that by the end of the year it will also add other categories such as scientific, educational and religious leaders etc.

After the four-year-old model of verification, Twitter has once again started this process based on public opinion. In January, Twitter began implementing a policy to remove verification badges from accounts that did not meet the new criteria for account verification. These accounts included inactive and incomplete accounts.

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