US: From vice president’s chair to speaker’s seat, captured by Trump’s supporters

Trump supporters captured vice prrsident chair and speaker's seat.
Trump supporters captured vice prrsident chair and speaker’s seat.

Washington DC riots: Rowdy supporters of Donald Trump in the U.S. rocked the Capitol Building on Thursday and occupied the House speaker’s chair in addition to the vice president.

In the United States, rowdy supporters of Donald Trump entered the Capitol Building on Thursday and vandalized and ransacked the Senate chamber during an ongoing debate in the Capitol building, and occupied the Chair of the House speaker in addition to the vice president.

Weapons found near trump supporters

Police have arrested 13 people in connection with the attack on the Capitol Building. In addition, weapons have also been recovered from several miscreants. Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police said five guns have been seized, including handguns and long guns. Police are currently working to remove protesters from the Capitol and curfew has been imposed to control the situation.

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Vice President and Speaker’s Chair Occupied by trump supporters

During the debate, several rowdy supporters reached the Senate chamber. A supporter of Trump took the Republican Party flag and rammed into the Office of parliament house and sat in the chair of the House Speaker. Not only did a pro-vice president Mike Pence sit in the chair.

Trump supporters who entered U.S. Parliament

The Senate, both the House of The U.S., began its meeting on Thursday to seal the electoral college votes and Biden’s victory. Hundreds of Supporters of Donald Trump were rallying outside Parliament. The National Guards and police tried to convince them, but some people entered the Capitol building and vandalized in a big way, and 4 people, including a woman, were killed. However, it is not yet clear who fired the bullet.

What is the whole controversy?

In the United States, elections were held on November 3, with Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden receiving 306 electoral college votes and Republican Party nominee Donald Trump 232. Nevertheless, Trump did not accept defeat and continued to accuse that the election had been rigged in a big way. Cases were also filed by Trump supporters in several states, but most of the cases were dismissed by the court. Now, pro-Trump violence has been turned on.