Wasim Jaffer on promoting Islam, comes a political twist, now Rahul Gandhi takes part into

Rahul Gandhi Tweet on Wasim Jaffer
Rahul Gandhi Tweet on Wasim Jaffer
Rahul Gandhi Tweet on Wasim Jaffer
Rahul Gandhi Tweet on Wasim Jaffer

Rahul Gandhi has made comments on former cricketer Wasim Jaffer (Wasim Jaffer) over allegations of promoting Islam in cricket

The Uttarakhand Cricket Association has alleged that he attempted to make a religion-based selection as the coach of the state’s team. After which he quit as coach of Uttarakhand.

Former India great spinner Anil Kumble also supported him. Now, the matter has reached politics. Rahul Gandhi has now commenced on the matter.

Rahul Gandhi speaks on the issue

Rahul Gandhi tweeted on Wasim Jaffer, “In the last few years, hatred has been made so normal that our beloved sport was also hit. India is of all of us. Don’t let them break our unity’.

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Kumble had given support

Jaffer (Wasim Jaffer) has now got the support of former Indian captain and coach Kumble (Anil Kumble).

Anil (Anil Kumble) wrote on his Twitter handle, “I am with you Wasim. You did it right. There are unfortunate players who will miss your mentor’.

Jaffer dismisses allegations

Former India batsman Wasim (Wasim Jaffer), who resigned as coach due to differences with the Uttarakhand Cricket Association, has dismissed the allegations made by the state secretary.

Union Secretary Mahim Verma had alleged that Jaffer had tried to select the team on the basis of religion.

Wasim (Wasim Jaffer) was made the coach of Uttarakhand in June 2020. He had entered into a one-year agreement.

The allegations have made a lot ‘suffering’

Wasim Jaffer has been charged with preferring Muslim players. Jaffer says he has suffered a lot from the allegations.

“The communal angle that is being planted is very sad,” Wasim (Wasim Jaffer) said. He alleged that I support Abdullah (Iqbal Abdullah) and wanted to make him captain, which is absolutely wrong,” he said, referring to the interference in the selection and the biased attitude of the selectors and the secretary of the association who resigned as coach on Tuesday.

Jaffer wanted to make Jai Bista captain

Wasim Jaffer said he wanted not Iqbal Abdullah but Jai Bista to captain the team but other selectors had suggested him to captain Abdullah (Iqbal Abdullah).

Wasim (Wasim Jaffer) said, “I wanted to make Jai Bista a captain, but Rizwan Shamshad and other selectors suggested me to make Abdullah (Iqbal Abdullah) the captain. He is a senior player, has played IPL, and is even older. I accepted his suggestion,” he said.

I didn’t call clerics in bio-bubbles

Wasim Jaffer said that he had not brought the clerics during the practice session. “In the bio bubble, the clerics came and we prayed.

I would like to tell you that I did not call any maulvi who came to two or three Friday during the camp in Dehradun.

We used to pray in the room every day, but when we read the Friday prayer together, I thought it would be good if someone would come for it.

We prayed in the dressing room five minutes after net practice. If it is communal, I could have changed the time of practice according to the time of prayer, but I am not like that,” he said.