What is a good partner?


What is a good partner?


Yesterday in Luozhu thinking learned a new experiment, called “orange juice test.” This test can help you judge whether a hotel is good or bad, this test a lesson, the heart will have a spectrum.

Below, you tell the hotel, “You need to prepare me 500 cups of freshly squeezed orange juice at 9 a.m.”, which is a very difficult thing for the hotel.

1, if the hotel manager said, can not do, this is certainly not a good hotel.

2, if the hotel manager said, OK. This is not a good hotel, because this matter is particularly difficult, they say good, in fact, it will be discounted.

So what’s good?

The right thing to do is for the hotel manager to calculate how many resources it takes to do this, and then give you a bill and say, this is the charge you want to do this thing, this is a good hotel.


Because first, he is willing to work for a difficult thing. Second, he knows how to organize resources to do it. Third, he wants to be third, he wants to let the people who make the demand see, and bear the cost.

What a good partner is to make your wishes, methods, and costs clear.

Sincerely reveal your ability, let others for you to mark the price, and then drum up the momentum, spare no effort to achieve the goal.

A good partner must be honest, tell you the real difficulties, and be willing to take responsibility with you. It’s also based on how he thinks your needs are meaningful and real, not a joke or a wythocalys. Trust is the foundation of a good partner, and seeing the will, the methods provided, and the estimated cost will give him a point to make him a reliable partner.

The core of goal management is not only setting goals but also measuring the resources needed for them.

(1) It is well known that goal management is a way for many enterprises to take performance appraisals of their employees, but many business managers only know how to set goals, but do not consider the resources behind them.

(2), some managers in order to be responsible for the above, blindly set high target value, but do not consider the actual workload and ability of employees, and finally when the goal can not be completed on time, will be scolded employees said: I only look at the results.

(3), good goal management must be jointly formulated by both sides, at least the manager to set goals at the same time, but also to give employees the opportunity to propose the required resources. Back to today’s topic, what is a good collaborator? I’m serious about at least two words that are important – respect and equality.

For most partners, because of the “face” problem, always tend to reply: OK, because this matter is a bit difficult, but it is reasonable to do, so had to hard scalp agreed.

What’s the result? The price paid has gone up. So, a good partner, it’s better to be willing to “clearly account” with you than the old good guy.

Cooperation with others, the first meaning, the need to have a sense of responsibility, take the initiative to assume, with the idea of solving problems forward, the idea of avoiding the problem must not. The second meaning, is an inclusive mind, adversity, more courage, good situation, more thinking, change thinking, understand the situation of partners.