WhatsApp gave this answer on the order to withdraw the privacy policy…


Facebook-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp seems to be unhappy with the Indian government and similarly the government seems to be unhappy with the company’s new policy. Actually, the Indian government wants WhatsApp to withdraw its new privacy policy. When the country’s technology ministry questioned this policy, WhatsApp said on Monday that the privacy of its users is of paramount importance to the company.

WhatsApp told the IT Minister on Monday that the company puts the privacy of its users first, reports Reuters news agency. Explain that the ministry had sent a letter to WhatsApp on May 18, in which it had asked to withdraw the company’s latest privacy policy. This policy came into force on 15 May. The ministry also said that the government may take legal action against the company.

According to a statement from the agency, WhatsApp says that the company has responded to the letter from the Government of India and has assured them that the privacy of users is their top priority. WhatsApp has also said that its update has not changed the privacy of people’s private messages.

WhatsApp said earlier this year that users would have to adopt all terms of this new policy by February 8, but the company’s new business policy focused on data-sharing has been postponed due to criticism from users globally. was carried forward.

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