Why Do You Need Halal Certified Corona Vaccine?

Halal Certified Corona Vaccine
Halal Certified Corona Vaccine

Halal Certified Vaccine: Scientists in the war against the corona have done their job wonderfully and the entire country should be proud of them.

But there is another thing that is being debated all over the world today and it is related to the religion of vaccine. In many countries, there has been a demand for halal certification of the vaccine.

Now we want to tell you about the column of religion in which terrorism gets a discount, but when it comes to vaccines, there is a framework in the name of religion that you cannot even erase.

This framework gives rise to the principle in which terrorism has no religion, but in the vaccine, these principles find religion and the vaccine is divided on the basis of religion.

It is just as if the air, water, the sky and the tree are imposed on plants, and oxygen is also divided according to different religions. That is why it has become very important to discuss it today.

Why debate on the religion of vaccine?

Over the world, 2million people have lost their lives with the corona virus and the situation is still alarming in many countries.

However, one important thing is that many countries have made corona virus vaccine and India is also involved in these countries. And many countries are lined up to take the vaccine made in India and even all is well.

Scientists have done their job wonderfully and the whole country should be proud of them. But there is another thing that is being debated all over the world today and it is related to the religion of vaccine.

In many countries, there has been a demand for halal certification of the vaccine. Islam has two categories of halal and forbidden names.

Halal’s certificate is available to those things. Those who are allowed to use Islamic law and are prohibited in the prohibited category are things that are not allowed to be used in Islamic law.

Indonesia submits halal certificate to Corona Vaccine

Indonesia has given halal certification to the corona virus vaccine. In simple terms, this means that the Indonesian government has certified that the vaccine it is using in China does not contain any substance that Islam does not allow.

Indonesia is the world’s most Muslim-populated country, has about 220 million Muslims, and it is mandatory to have halal certified food items, cosmetics and even medicines.

However, it is not that these religious beliefs exist in Indonesia itself. The process is followed in all Muslim countries and these countries are now considering providing halal certification of the vaccine.

Many Christianity in many Countries in Europe have refused to introduce a Chinese vaccine, and the biggest reason for this vaccine is the use of aborted Fetal Cells.

The corona virus vaccine worldwide has dominated an idea of religion that determines Dos and Don’ts. In the name of religion, you are listed on what to do and what not to do, and this list is imposed on people. But when it comes to terrorism, these people say that terrorism has no religion, no country.

Glorification of negative thoughts on the religion of the vaccine

Even in India, some people are glorifying negative views on the religion of vaccine and the latest example is a news report from Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh.

In Ujjain, a statement has been issued on behalf of an organization called Sunni Muslim Society to ask people not to vaccinate the corona virus unless Muslim religious leaders allow it.

Imagine that some Muslim religious leaders have now started a religious class on the vaccine that scientists developed to save people’s lives. These people are giving extra thoughts on the vaccine, which you must listen today.

Earlier, Mumbai’s Raza Academy and a large Muslim body, All India Jamiyat Muslimeen, had announced that Muslims in India should get the same vaccine and Muslims must take care of halal certification while vaccinating them.

Why is halal certification needed?

We think it’s a sick mindset that has drawn the lines of sharing, which is a taste of religion. You may have noticed that in countries around the world, colors have been divided in the name of religion.

Food has also been divided and biryani has become a Muslim dish and Khichdi of Hindus. Also, the label of dharma is pasted on the basis of the color of vegetables.

You can briefly understand this whole debate by two points, the basis of which is that the world is divided into two parts.

On the one hand, there are countries where modern technology and inventions are being valued. As Britain has announced, it will replace electric cars, petrol and diesel cars by the year 2030.

France has planned to put micro-chips in the bodies of its soldiers, and on the other hand, there are countries that want to go back on the religious bandwagon and find religions like vaccines.

Today, you should also understand why there is a need for halal certification of vaccine?

You can understand this from some examples. In 2012, when a polio vaccination campaign was being carried out in Pakistan.

At that time, 100 employees associated with the campaign were killed and all this happened because the polio vaccine had not received halal’s certification.

In India, when a child is born, his/her certificate contains a column of religion. The form for admission in schools is filled in the dharma column.

You also have to share your religion for admission to colleges and it is part of a process. But now you understand where you don’t have to tell religion.

When you go to the hospital for treatment, you don’t have to tell what your religion is. There is no column of religion to buy medicines.

You don’t have to tell your religion to shop in the market and you don’t need religion to help anyone. But it is unfortunate that some people add a column of religion to these things and people are intimidated in its name.

And the same thing is happening on the corona virus vaccine because you don’t need to tell your religion to get the vaccine.

But many people have found the vaccine religion and people are being intimidated in its name. As has already been done.

When polio vaccine began

In 1978, when a large-scale polio vaccine began in India, rumor’s were spread among people of a particular religion that their children would become disabled or fell ill forever.

Similar rumor’s were also blown up during the vaccination campaign of rotavirus. Then there was a lie that the incoming breed of people who introduced this vaccine would be spoiled.

While there was nothing like that, the corona virus vaccine is now being used to reduce the amount of confidence in people’s minds.

These are two kinds of distrust and fear. There is a fear that the vaccine’s side effects and the other fear is that the vaccine will endanger religion.

We’ve extracted some data today to allay your fears. That you should look at a lot of carefully. The first fear is of the vaccine. That you can understand from some examples.

As before the polio vaccine, it killed 4 million people every year worldwide. But now only 22 people die and this has been possible because of the vaccine.

Similarly, 2 lakh people died every year before tetanus vaccine came in, and after the vaccine came, the number was reduced to 25,000. That is, the vaccine for any disease proves to be important in saving people’s lives.

But when it comes to the vaccine, you will be surprised to know that there is no data all over the world. There is no research that suggests that a halal certified vaccine can cause death. That means it’s just a religious belief and there’s no data on it.

How big is the business of halal certified things. We also want to tell you today. Worldwide, halal certified food and beverages are worth Rs 98 lakh crore ($1.3 trillion).

Halal certified clothing is traded for Rs 20 lakh crore ($270 billion).The media and entertainment business is worth about Rs 15 lakh crore ($209 billion).

Travel is traded for about Rs 13 lakh crore ($177 billion) and the most important halal certified drugs trade is Rs 6 lakh crore ($87 billion).

Now we want to give you a small update on the corona virus vaccination campaign in India quickly.

Till 18th January, 3 lakh 81 thousand 305 people have been taken to Corona Vaccine
In India, 381 thousand 305 people have been vaccinated for corona till January 18 2021.

Only 580 people have seen side effects after the vaccine was planted. It is only 0.2 per cent of the total vaccines for the people and the government has said that people must inform the old children before they get vaccinated. Because, right now some people aren’t doing that.