World Food Day 2021: History, Importance, Theme, News, Quotes and Images

Here you need to know about the history, significance, theme, news, quotes and pictures of 2021 World Food Day.

World Food Day
World Food Day

World Food Day is celebrated every year on October 16th to raise awareness about hunger and healthy eating habits for all. It marks the founding day of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

World Food Day is celebrated by organizations such as the World Food Program and the International Fund for Agricultural Development. But this year will be jointly led by organizations such as the FAO, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency and the World Food Program (WFP). According to the United Nations, this year’s events will take place in 150 countries around the world with the participation of many partners and governments.

World Food Day 2021: History

First, the founding day of the FAO was celebrated in 1979, recommended by the former Hungarian Minister of Agriculture and Food, Dr. Paul Romani.

Gradually, over time, it led to awareness of hunger, malnutrition, stability and food production.

World Food Day 2021

World Food Day 2021

World Food Day 2021: Significance

This day marks the anniversary of the founding of the United Nations FAO. It aims to combat global hunger and eradicate hunger around the world.

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World Food Day 2021:

The theme of World Food Day 2021 is “Healthy Day Now Safe Food”. This year’s theme is based on praising individuals who have contributed to creating a sustainable environment where no one can go hungry. Last year’s theme was based on the suffering experienced by millions of people during a corona virus outbreak.

World Food Day 2021: Eating News, Quotes and Images

2021 world food day
2021 world food day

Eating is not just material pleasure. Eating well gives the opportunity to bring happiness to life and helps greatly in goodwill and happy companionship. Being mentally fit is very important.

There is no more faithful love than the love of food.


Food It’s not just about nutrients and calories. It’s about sharing. It’s about honesty. It’s about identity.

Feeding the World: Happy World Food Day!

Some people do not even realize the fact that they are wasting their time on trivial things and neglecting their life i.e. food !!!

“There are so many hungry people in the world that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.” – Winston Churchill

“Good bread is the most satisfying of all dishes; good bread with fresh butter is the biggest of the treats!” – James Beard

“Your food is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments” – Bethany Frankel.

“Humor keeps us alive. Humor and food. Don’t forget the food. You can go without laughing for a week. Jose Wade