Xiaomi will soon launch 3 new tablets, know the features


Xiaomi is reportedly working on three high-end Android tablets. In the coming time, Xiaomi will launch them. Their code has been named- ‘nabu’, ‘enuma’, and ‘elish’. All three are seen in the system code of MIUI 12.5. The code specifies that the model number of the enuma will be K81. On the other hand, elish could have K81A and nabu could have K82 model numbers. All these model numbers pertain to the company’s Mi Pad 5 range which the company is said to be working on.

XDA Developer K kacskrz searched MIUI 12.5’s code in system apps and gathered information about upcoming tablets. It is being speculated that the ‘enuma’ will support voice calls. Therefore, mobile (4G LTE / 5G) connectivity will also be given in it. While ‘elish’ and ‘nabu’ will not have voice call support. All three devices can have an expected ratio of 16:10 and a display resolution of 2,500×1,600 pixels with an IPS LCD. A refresh rate of 120Hz can be seen in their display. The ‘Nabu’, which will be the Mi Pad 5 Lite (K82 model number), will sport a 10.97-inch display and house an 8,720mAh battery. Their total dimensions can be in 236x148mm.

Xiaomi A variety of models can be seen in the upcoming Mi Pad 5 range such as Mi Pad 5 Lite, Mi Pad 5 Pro, and Mi Pad 5 Plus etc. About the Mi Pad 5 Pro, it is being said that it will be with the model number K81. The Mi Pad 5 Plus has been coded ‘elish’ and its model number could be K81A. Leaks in the past have claimed that the Mi Pad 5 Pro and Mi Pad 5 Plus could be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 SoC. The Mi Pad 5 Plus could also have a 12-megapixel camera.

The Mi Pad 5 Lite i.e. ‘nabu’ can be seen in Snapdragon 860 SoC chipset and can have a 12-megapixel main camera. All three tablets can come with quad rear cameras. Also, NFC and wireless charging support can also be seen in them.

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