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How to Download YouTube Videos in 4K for Free


To download YouTube videos in 4k you can use many third party apps available for pc.


4K is growing to be the standard resolution rapidly, Everyday new 4K videos are made available on YouTube. Unfortunately, you are not able to  watch these videos offline in full resolution using YouTube’s standard setting options.


YouTube Premium membership starts at $12 a month and it’s members can save the videos to watch it offline, but only at a maximum 1080p resolution. Creators on YouTube can download MP4 versions of their uploaded videos, but only at 720p resolution, maximum.


This does not mean that you can watch the 4k videos offline, There are several third-party apps that let you download YouTube videos, in full, at their highest resolution available including 4K and 8K.

Video Downloader for desktop is most reliable and safe app which you can find which helps you to download YouTube video on your pc.

This app can be installed on windows, Mac, and Linux, and is safe and virus-free. All versions of this app can download videos at up to 8K resolution (depending on the video’s original resolution), and can even get the subtitles extracted for closed-captioned videos. You can even queue the full playlists to download.


The free version of this app few limitation which you should be aware of. Only 30 videos can be downloaded per day total, Per channel only 5 videos and just 10 videos per playlist.

This app also contains ads on it, however,the ads aren’t obstructive, but you’ll see constant banners for other products in the app.

This app also has a premium version for $15/month which lets you download 3 videos at the same time. There’s also a “Pro” tier option for $45/month that increases the downloadable limit to seven videos at the same time and adds in several other features tailored for businesses. However, unless you absolutely want to  increase daily downloadable limit, I would suggest using the free version of the app.

You want to download YouTube videos, but is it legal?

Before we show you how the app works, we need to mention that downloading videos from YouTube is not legal, YouTube cannot check by what means their videos are being downloaded , however it’s against their terms and policy.

but, you probably won’t get in trouble , if you’re just thinking of making an offline backup to watch privately,. YouTube and Google are aware of such apps on the market ,however they haven’t taken legal actions on such apps yet.

You will get in trouble mainly if you reupload someone else’s videos on the YouTube or any other Video platform without proper consent or proper credit, or stealing copyrighted content. The severity of it depends on a license of the videos.

Most of the YouTube videos ares uploaded under the Standard YouTube License and this means the video on YouTube is only allowed to be viewed using the website or official YouTube mobile app.

without the consent of the uploader(the original maker of the video),you’re not allowed to download, re-upload, or re-broadcast the majority of YouTube content.

This applies to the all the of content available on YouTube. However, You can use the short clip of any uploader for reason such as criticism, opinions, reviews, etc. under the fair usage policy of YouTube .

You still would want to ask the consent of the original uploader especially if you are monetizing the videos.

There are some videos on YouTube which falls under creative common license which allows the users to reuse the video content without actually giving the credit. These videos are the safest to download, however we would still suggest to provide the credit and also to not reupload any songs from creative common license to be on safer side. You can use the YouTube filter option to search for creative common videos.

This guide has even more explanation on YouTube’s Standard license, Creative Commons, and the differences between them.

Finally, there are many premium content available on YouTube. Downloading paid copyrighted material you haven’t purchased, such as music, movies, or even YouTube Premium content is illegal and even reuploading, rebroadcasting such videos is more illegal. In fact, you may not be able to download many of these videos using such apps in the first place.

Downloading the YouTube content to watch I privately is illegal, however as far as you do not reupload or use someone else’s videos to monetize it for yourself, you are still safe.

How to download YouTube videos using 4K Video Downloader

First, download and install 4K Video Downloader to your computer from the link .

Open in a browser.

Search  the video you want to download.

Copy the video’s link from the URL bar, or from the “Share” button on the video player controls.

Open 4K Video Downloader and click “Paste Link.”

The app will parse the video’s data. This usually takes just a few seconds, but can take longer depending on the size of the video.

Select “Download Video” from the first drop-down box. You can also select “Extract audio” to download just the audio from the video.

Select the video format and quality you want (available video quality options depend on the video’s native resolution).

Use the “Download Subtitles” drop-down box to select subtitles if you want them.

Click “Download.”

Wait for the download to complete.The time for the download will depend on the internet speed an size of the video. Most videos available in 1080p format will only take a few minutes to download (depending on length), but can take 30 minutes or longer to download the 4k videos.

YouTube Download
YouTube Download

Once the video is downloaded, you can click it from the download history feed to watch it. If you want to find and move the file itself, 4K Video Downloader’s download folder is located in This PC > Videos by default.